Face shapes and Frame selection

Before selecting a spectacle frame, you need to know your face shape. There are seven common face shapes. Square, round, oval, heart, rectangle, diamond and triangle.

To know your face shape, you need to look in a mirror, tie back hair that might be obstructing the outlines of your face and use a non-permanent marker to trace your face, on the mirror, along your hair- and jawline.

Look at the drawn shape paying attention to the forehead, cheekbones and jawline.


Face shapes:

Oval shaped face – your jawline is narrower than the forehead and your features are balanced all around.

Round shaped face – no angles. Length and width are the same all round.

Heart shaped face (inverse triangle shape) – broad forehead and narrow chin.

Triangle face – your chin is wider than your forehead.

Square shaped face – forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all similar.

Diamond shaped face – Narrow forehead and chin with your cheeks being the most prominent. Diamond shapes are rare.

Rectangle shaped face – This is a combination of an oval and square shaped face. It is really a face that is longer than it is wide and with a square jaw.


Frame shapes:

Oval face –The best shapes are square, rectangular and aviator. Although most styles and sizes suite a round face.

Round face – Larger rectangular frames are best to define a round face. Larger frames are better because small frames might amplify your cheeks. Cat eye frames are very good as well as frames with a higher temple attachment on the frame front.

Heart shaped face – Rimless or semi-rimless oval frames are best. The edge of the lenses should meet the edge of your face. Light colors are also advisable.

Square face – Round or oval shaped frames are best. This softens the ‘sharp’ facial features. Light colors are better on the lower rim and dark on top.

Triangle face – Large square frames with darker textures are best. Thick oval and cat-eye shapes with darker upper rims are a good consideration. Try to find frames where the upper dark rim is almost as wide as the widest portion of your face. Avoid small frames.

Diamond face – Attention should be drawn to the eyes. Unique shapes such as cat eye are good. Oval and rectangular frames are a consideration but stay away from dark lower rimmed frames.

Rectangular face – Round, oval and aviator shapes are best. The temple attachment should be in the middle to lower part of the frame front. Stay away from rectangle frames.